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(Note: At this time, I am in my early teens with my braces. There is another kid with my name, but he has a different last name. After getting my new wire, the lady that is treating me goes off and says these important things that she doesn’t give me enough time to react. We go to call my mother up)

Employee: “[Name] [other last name]’s Mom.

*My mother doesn’t respond, and I couldn’t hear the lastname very well*

Me: *slightly irritated* “I’ll get her”

*She is on her phone, so I wave my hand inbetween*

Me: “Come on, let’s go up.”

*We go up, and the employee rattles off about what they changed, then she says:*

Employee: “We gave him a choice to brush his teeth and he denied.”

*They’ve never done this before, so she kinda confused me for a minute, then kept moving on. My mother gives me an angry face, making me slightly laugh*

Employee: “And he’s laughing.”

*She rattles off some more, and then we leave, and when I got home, my mom says this:*

Mom: “I’m going to talk to the manager, they laughed at me when [My Name] waved his hand in my face!”

*She is discussing this with my father, who tells her to calm down and grab a wine, and then she calms down.*

Me: *to myself* “Not only did my mother just get mad over me not brushing my teeth for something they do all the time, but they don’t ask me, and gave me the PERFECT opportunity to put this up on Notalwaysright.com, since i’ve been reading the stories everyday!”