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(At the time I had been at my job for about a month, working for a middle of nowhere location of a big ticket cinema. That day I was working door tearing tickets, but I often have to usher in weekdays, which includes cleaning the theaters. When an older gentleman and a little girl who looked about ten walk in…)

Me: Hello welcome to ****.

Customer: Yeah she said (the lady that was working in the box office) that your manager would know if you have an IMAX theater.
(Now bear in mind that my job requires me to clean theaters, and I’ve been there about a month. AND my manager has just finished a birthday party AND had to help a confused old man with the closed caption device, AND had to help a confused little old lady who cut off all of her online ticket. So I REALLY don’t wanna bother her.)

Me: I’m very sorry sir, but there is no IMAX theater at this location.

Customer: But she said the manager would know. The manager will know if there’s an IMAX theater.

Me: sir I’m very sorry but we don’t have an IMAX at this location.

(This theater was built in 1998, I’m not even sure they had IMAX except for say museum exhibits)

Customer: But the manager will know…The manager will know!

(At this point I know this guy will not believe me, and obviously things my manager can pull an entire IMAX out of her back pocket. But just as I reluctantly reach for my walkie…)

Customer: Just forget about it! (Storms off looking disgusted)

And I shrug my shoulders and go about my day.