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(I’m the only nail technician at a tiny salon and I run the nail services as my own business part-time. I have the option for clients to book their own appointments online.)
Me: *Answering the phone at home since my appointment that day isn’t until 2 pm* Hello?
Client: Hello? Why isn’t anyone at the shop? My appointment is at 1 o’clock!
Me: *I’m baffled and double-check the scheduling program I use to confirm that her appointment is at 2pm* No ma’am, it says here that your appointment is at 2 pm.
Client: No it isn’t! It was at 1! I double checked it because I knew I would need to be out somewhere at 3pm! *She had booked an appointment that would take at least 2 hours normally*
Me: I’m sorry, I must have made a mistake in scheduling then. I’ll get there as soon as I can.
(Something seems off to me here, so I double-check the appointment details and there is a note on the appointment, indicating to me that SHE HAD BOOKED THE APPOINTMENT HERSELF which meants that she had to have selected a button that clearly states “2:00 pm” on it. I say nothing and head to the shop early. She was silent the entire appointment but I was nice enough. She left without tipping. The kicker is that I had her out of the shop by 3:15pm and then she had the audacity to rate my business down because I was “Late for the appointment”. )

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