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I work as a waitress in a casual restaurant. We often offer special deals. On this particular day, we are offering specific soups/salads with specific entrées for $20.

Woman: Can I have the minestrone and the chicken marsala please? And that comes at the discounted price, right?

Me: Well actually, the minestrone is not included in the deal. But there are plenty of other soups and salads to choose from!

Woman: I don’t want another soup.

Me: Well, what about a salad?

Woman: No, I want the minestrone.

Me: Well, unfortunately that’s not included with the special deal, but you can order a minestrone and a chicken marsala off our regular menu and it will come out to about $28.

Woman (clearly annoyed): Ugh, fine! I’ll just have the split pea soup with the chicken marsala, and bring me a minestrone on the side.

Me: No problem!

Throughout this time, her husband has been giving me apologetic looks. He places a relatively simple order in and I put it through. When I bring them their soups, the woman huffs loudly and rolls her eyes. Throughout their meal, I notice that she is clearly frustrated and not enjoying herself. The split pea soup remains untouched. After I bring them their check, she tells her husband she will wait outside and storms out, shooting me a death glare on her way.

Man: Can I have this soup to go?

Me: Sure! (I take it back to put it in a container. When I return to the table, the man is gone. I find a sticky note on the table that says: Sorry for my wife’s behavior! Please enjoy the soup! He also left me a nice tip!)

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