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I’m working the Express lane one night when a group of customers come through my line. The girl sets down a case of water on my register.
Customer “This water is only 80 cents. It says it right on that sign over there. You have to give it to me for 80 cents.”
Me “I have to call my manager over to check it. It’ll just be a moment.”
The CSM comes over and I explain to her what the customer has just told me. The pallet was near the entrance of the store, near where I was stationed so she walked right over to look at it. In the meantime, the customer starts making comments about how it’s our mistake so we have to sell it for her and that the customer is always right.
The CSM comes back over, and radios the other CSM to tell him what’s going on. He told her that they were having the same problem with another customer and told her to go ahead and approve that one for them.
CSM “Okay, so I can give this to you for the 80 cents this one time. Someone’s going to be coming over to fix that sign right away.”
While she overrides the price, 2 of the people in the group go over and pick out two more cases of water and brings them back over. They look at her and tell her that they’re going to buy those for 80 cents as well.
CSM “I’m sorry, but I’m only authorized to sell you the one case for 80 cents.”
Another person in the group “Just take it to another register and buy it.”
CSM “I’m running all of these registers tonight.”
After she walks away, I finish cashing out the original girl and her friends just stand there with the water looking at me.
Customers “So, you’re not going to sell them to us for the 80 cents?”
Me “She just told you I couldn’t. I’m sorry.”
They pick up the waters and walk away cussing and saying that it’s our mistake so we were supposed to give it to them.
About 4 minutes later, I finish ringing out everyone in the group and one of the girls from earlier comes over to help him grab his stuff. I apologized for the water again and she looks at me and goes “You should have just sold us the water!” and walked away.

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