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(I run a convenience store. I’ve been here forever so I know almost every customer and what they buy except for out of townerns)

*car pulls in with out of state plates*
Woman: “hey, can I buy power ball tickets on my card?”

Me: “Yes if you run it as a debit.”

Woman: “Can I get five dollars on the powerball”

Me: “They are two dollars each”

Woman: “I guess just give me five dollars”

Me: “I can add the extra option to one ticket and the regular easy pick on another, that would make it five dollars ”

Woman: “Just give me six dollars worth then”

Me: “Okay just slide your card there and it will ask you a couple of questions”

*she slides her card then stares at the terminal*

Woman: “Do I press the green button or the red X for credit?”

Me*slowly dying* “You have to run your card as debit to purchase lottery tickets”

*she then yells at me and leaves without buying anything*