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Our salon has some self serve tubs for people to come in and wash their dog themselves. A woman with an unruly boxer comes in and we set her up in a tub with everything she needs. A couple minutes later….

Customer: Ma’am!

Me: Yes? Is everything ok?

Customer: The tub is filling up with water! It won’t drain!

We’ve never had a problem with this so I walk over to see what happened

Me: …. Um you have to take the hair out of the drain. *removes hair from drain catch*

(As anyone with a dog will know, they shed everywhere, especially when in the bath.)

Customer: Oh! I had no idea! She’s just shedding so much I didn’t know what to do! Thank you!

My coworker and I exchange a look that only people who work in customer service know, the “I can’t believe that actually happened” look.

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