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[a girl who I graduated with comes up to the service desk]

Me: Hi, what can I do for you?

Customer: Yes, I lost my driver’s license at the pharmacy. They called and said they turned it in here.

[I haven’t been at the desk all day, because it’s been so busy; they’ve had me doing cashiering.]

Me: okay, let me check our lost and found system..

[I’m searching but, I’m not seeing her name/ID, so I call my coordinator to check where we lock up wallets, IDs, and such, while she’s checking on it, my coworker comes back from her break.]

Me [to coworker]: have you had any IDs turned in?

Coworker: uh.. well I haven’t been up here today much either, but no one said anything about any being turned in..

[so we’re searching our counters for it but, still nothing. My coordinator walks back up.]

Coordinator [to customer]: I’m sorry, I couldn’t find anything..

Customer: Well, when you find it, you need to mail it to me!

Coordinator: uh.. okay. Just write down your name and address, and when we find it, we’ll mail it to you..

[she writes her name down and then leaves. 10 minutes later, I get a call from our call centre.]

Call centre: Hi, I have a man on the line who needs to talk to the store director, I can’t get through though. Can you take the call?

Me: Yeah, sure.

Customer: Hi, my name is […], my daughter and I came in to pick up her driver’s license which she lost at the pharmacy. [..] from pharmacy called and said he dropped it off at the service desk and the service desk claims that they do not have it. She needs her driver’s license to go to [college that is 20 miles away, so not far at all] tomorrow. However, she cannot drive without it! You or your store director need to drop it off to her tomorrow at [college] so she can have it!

Me: I’m sorry sir, I do not have the authority to approve that. Let me transfer you to the store director in charge.

[I patch him through. A couple of minutes later the store director walks up with a man from the pharmacy department.]

Store Director [to my coordinator]: Where is that envelope with that girl’s license in it??!

Coordinator: I couldn’t find anything, we searched all over for it.

Store Director: Was it in the money bags that pharmacy dropped off to you? Or in the lock up bin for wallets??

Coordinator: It wasn’t in the lock up bin.

[they go looking for it and find out it was left on the counter by mail, which isn’t the normal spot for anything like that and that pharmacy didn’t alert us about bringing it up.]

Store Director [to my coworker and to the pharmacist]: Are you going to be in tomorrow morning?

Coworker: no.

Pharmacist: yes.

Store Director [to pharmacist]: Then, you are to take it to her!!

[later, my coordinator and I are discussing what happened]

Me: What gets me, is that the girl had her car keys in her hand, so I’m going to assume she drove here. Her father said “they” but, he was never there. And instead of coming back in to get it, because it all happened over the course of a half hour, tops, and most likely she lives in town, so they’re making someone go drop it off to her. HECK. She could even come get it before she goes to school tomorrow. BUT NOPE, you have to go and make someone go out of their way to your college to drop it off, that’s just really awful to do, man. Like yeah, it was bad communication on pharmacy’s fault, but, in no way does that mean that someone has to go deliver it for you because you don’t want to get it yourself. And that college is so close too, it’s not like she’s going across state. Some people, man.