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(I work at a free 24 hour nursery for emergencies and crises. We often give tours and do new client paperwork during business hours. This happens as I come in to start my overnight shift and a parent comes in behind me to pick up their kid. There’s a family in the main entrance, filling out paperwork. Note, I am a pansexual women who doesn’t participate in any religion.)

Client 1: And just to be sure, you don’t employ any of those gays, right?

Coworker: *taken aback* Uh, I’m sorry, what?

Client 1: You only employ straight people, right? We are very religious and don’t want our children exposed to that.

Coworker: Um, well, we can’t discriminate based on sexual orientation. We also can’t force our employees to announce their sexual orientation upon being hired. I can assure you that our employees have been completely vetted and your kids are in safe hands here, though.

Client 1: That doesn’t answer my question! Are there any queers here? We aren’t paying to have our children exposed to their wicked ways!

Client 2: *speaks up before anyone else can* I don’t know what you’ve been told but you ain’t paying for anything here. This is a free service. Don’t like something, don’t use it.

Client 1: *storms out without finishing paperwork*

Me: Oh, please tell me that that’s all the crazy for the night.

Coworker: Sorry, [My Name], we’re booked full. Have fun tonight!

(Amazingly, the night went good.)