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A customer comes to the register and hands me a shirt. I scan the label.

Customer: Oh no, I’m not buying that.
Me: Oh I’m sorry, is it a return?
Customer: No, it was on the rail.
Me: (getting confused) Is it faulty or dirty? (thinking I’d figured it out) Oh, was it in the wrong section?
Customer: No! It was on the rail, so I handed it to you. That’s what you do!
Me: I don’t understand, what is it you want me to do with it?
Customer: No! It was on the rail! So I gave it to you! That’s just what you do!

At this point I’m completely lost, so I just hang the shirt behind the counter with the intention of putting it back once the customer leaves. Luckily, this action seems to have satisfied the customer, as she leaves without another word. I breathe a sigh of relief and move on to another customer.

Customer 2: There was no label on this jacket, so it must be £1.50
Me: Er, let me just check the price for you. [Coworker] could you just check the price of this jacket for me please?
Customer 2: No, there’s no price, so it’s £1.50. That’s the law.
Me: That’s not the law. Someone’s checking the price for you now, he won’t be a moment.
Customer 2: But it’s the law! If there’s no label on something, then it’s £1.50.
Coworker: I’ve got another label, the price is –
Customer 2: No, I don’t want it if it isn’t £1.50. (He leaves)
Coworker: What is going on with the people in this town?!

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