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(I was cashier for a regional fast food joint that opens up at 10, and there’s a Golden Arches about three blocks down. I came in, got ringed in by the Manager, when three guys came in about a half-hour after the place open, so I don’t have much in my drawer)

Man 1: I’d like some water cups.

Me: Sure Thing, that’s ten cents per cup since you’re paying for the actual cup, is that all right?

Man: 1: Yeah. (He pulls out a $100 bill, I knew I did not have enough in my drawer for that amount)

Me: I’m sorry, I cannot accept that.

Man 2: Aw man, why not? It’s legit.

Me: I’m not doubting it’s veracity, I do not have change for such a large bill at this time of day.

Man 1: Well McDonalds would accept it, why can’t you?

Me: Well that’s because they serve breakfast, and would have a bigger cash drawer by now, and we just open up. I apologize, but I just can’t accept such a large sum right now, but if you have any other payment, we can take it.

Man 2: Forget it, let’s just go to McDonald’s.

(With that, they walked out leaving me rather confused)