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(I’m a female, in my mid-20’s. This customer is a male in his early 20’s who’s been checking me out since he walked in the branch. I’m also very conservative.)

Me: How can I help you?

Customer: I just wanna deposit this in my account, please.

Me: Sure! *pulls up the account* Are you aware that your account is in the negative?

Customer: Oh, not again. Can you tell me what did it this time?

Me: Yep, let me just get into the account details here…

(I pull up his account details and see that the negative balance was caused by multiple charges to adult websites. I can feel my face turning bright red.)

Me: Ah, well, I can’t really say these out loud…

Customer: WHY?!

Me: Let me just get a printout of your account so you can see what caused it.

(I print off his account information and hand it to him.)

Customer: Oh…oh…OH!!!! Uh, yeah, um, I was aware of these. *his face turns red, slides the printout out of my sight quickly*

(The moral of the story is that your teller can see EVERYTHING you do with your account, including the embarrassing stuff.)

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