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I work in a retail establishment that takes OFFICE supplies to the MAX. This particular event involved myself, an irate “customer” and one of my regular customers. I learned from this event that not everyone is a terrible person.

It was late on Halloween night, all of the employees were in costume, myself dressed as a steampunk-style 1920’s gangster. I had just heard over the radio that a customer had just walked into our print center, and that my print employee was in the backroom getting more paper for the next day. I zip up behind the register and acknowledge my customer with a,
“Happy Halloween, I think my print associate got scared off, hopefully you didn’t wait to long.”

“Wow” the gal slides back at me “I need you to quit messing around and make a copy of this, and for the record, you’re not funny at all” as she says this she puts on a look reminiscent of a coyote about you yack up its breakfast. I was about to apologize when one of our regular patrons turned around from the self-serve machine, cupped his hands to his mouth and bellowed.

I couldn’t take it, I cracked a smile and giggled a bit. I was trying to apologize, but the timing was so perfect on his response, and his ability to say what was most likely the truth, with no backlash what so ever and stolen the words from my mind. My mouth seized into a smile and I turned bright red, fighting the urge to break out in laughter.
The customer, now angry that she had been called out on her true form, turned and stomped away, and a dam that had held all my merriment back broke letting flow one of the best laughing fits I’d ever had.

The next day the regular customer left me a good review too.

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