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(I’m walking into [local cafe] and see the owner sitting on the steps, crying his eyes out.)
Me: Sir? Are you okay?
Owner: It’s just not fair! We didn’t act like our customers were gods and now we’ve LOST ONE!
(A random customer sniffs and goes back to poking her meal with a fork)
Owner: If only we’d acted like even the newest of customers was the Prime Minister, we’d still have their custom here!
Customer: *scoffs*
Owner: Now we’ve been told that we’ve lost a customer! THAT’S A WHOLE FORTY EIGHT PENCE OF PROFIT WE’LL LOSE! THE HORROR!
Me: …?
Owner: Oh wait that’s right it’s forty eight bloody pence. We don’t give a s***, [Customer].
Customer: I will be having a VERY stern word with corporate about this!
Owner: This is a private cafe. I AM corporate.

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