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(Alright so I work at a pet supply store that has closed early for New Year’s Eve. Me and my manager are in the office counting our tills when the phones ring. We ignore it because we’re closed but they keep going off every minute. Finally she asks me to answer it.)

Me: Thank you for calling (store name), this is (my name). How may I help you?

Caller: Yea I just bought this pet water bed today and it’s leaking all over! My mum said it would be easier to take care of than this!

Me: I’m….sorry. What did you buy?

Caller: (a bunch of laughing in the background) A water bed for pets!

Me: Uh…. May I put you on hold for a second?

Caller: Yea, sure.

(I then put them on hold and talk to my manager, telling her what they said and how I’m sure it’s a prank. She tells me what to tell them so I step out of the office again to resume the call.)

Me: I’m sorry, ma’am, we do not sell pet water beds. You have the wrong store.

Caller: I bought it at mattress bargain! *hangs up*

(I shrug and go back to the office to keep counting tills. The phones go off again and again and again so my manager answers this time and I hear her say that we do not sell that product here and she hangs up. The phones start going off again and again and again once more. She tells me to answer and if it’s them just hang up.)

Me: Thank you for calling (company name), this is (my name). How may I help you?

New Caller: Yea how big are you fish tanks?

Me: Our fish tanks? Well we have many sizes. Is there a certain one you were looking for?

New Caller: Yea one for a gold fish. I have one about an inch. And guess what. IT’S GOT A WATER BUG IN IT! *hangs up*

Me: Seriously…..?

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