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So We pet money in inmates that are locked up commissary accounts. This allows the inmate to purchase tobacco and coffee. We do not accept gift cards over the phone as it is not supported by our system< The same as amazon or any other online purchase data base}

Me: I am sorry mam but we do not accept gift cards. This is a government ran operation and you must use a regular bank issued card.

Customer: Why?

Me: Like I said mam, you cant use gift cards. The system will not recognize them and decline the payment.

Customer: That is stupid! I use gift cards from **** all the time to buy things online!

Me: I do not know how it allowed you to do so mam, but we will not be able tto process this card.

Customer: Why? Tell me Whyyy!!!

Me: I just told you mam. I suggest using a bank issued card with your name on it.

Customer; Why? You tell me why right now! Why wont you tell me whats wrong you little sh*t!!!

Me: I do not think I can be more black and white about this mam. Call us back when you have calmed down.

Suddenly making a creepy whispery voice: Will you take my ***gas station points card? I think you can and you want to.

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