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This is actually a story a friend of mine had told. I figured this would be a great place for it. So my friend is a hair stylist. She was working in a salon when a middle aged man comes in. She leads him to her chair then he excuses himself to go to the bathroom. When he comes back, there was a really bad stench in the air.

My friend: *thinking* Okay surely that smell DID NOT follow him ALL THE WAY from the bathroom!

She rushes through the cut. Even cuts herself and doesn’t stop for a bandaid she just wanted him gone. They go up to the counter to pay. He pulls out cash.

My friend:*looks down at his hand*

This man had poop all over his hand. It looked like he wiped his butt with his bare hand

My friend: Just leave the money on the counter.

Poopy hand: Okay *puts money down and leaves*

My friend then calls over her very germaphobic coworker

Germaphobe: Yes?

My friend: Hey, can you take care of this? I gotta go clean the bathroom.

Germaphobe: Okay.

My friend goes to get the cleaning materials

My friend: Oh by the way, the man that gave me that had shit all over his hand!

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