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18 Times Memorial Day Went About How You’d Expect

| Right | May 25, 2020

Dear readers,

Celebrated since the 1860s, Memorial Day began as a way to recognize the lives lost in defense of our freedoms. Now, it is often associated with sales, barbecues, and the unofficial start to the summer season. Memorial Day 2020 may be a bit different than others you’ve experienced in the past; it’s a bit hard to picture getting together for barbecues and pool parties right now.

Here’s a look back at 18 Memorial Days past, when the world was a little more “normal,” but no less frustrating!


Not-So-Great Expectations – Customers like this will make you wish you’d closed for the holiday.

Customers Can Be Tiring – Somebody had one too many beers at the Memorial Day BBQ!

Guacamole Matrimony – Knowing when to shut up can be such a gift.

She Looked So Cute In Her Motherboard & Castle – Time to hit up the dictionary…

A Niggle Over Nargles And A Snafu Over Snargles – A Potterhead is a Potterhead for life!

You Can’t Teach An Old Dog New Tricks, Or Old Ones – We’re going to have to build a memorial for this coworker… because someone’s going to kill them.

She Must Have Been Ribbing You – A rib is not just a rib, apparently.

Memorial Day Is Never Late – BBQ supplies are MUCH more important than paying your bills. Duh.

Anywhere But Here – We hope the back seat of their car is spacious…

Prescribing You The Ability To Listen – Whatever his prescription is for, it sounds like he needs to up the dosage.

A Platinum-Grade A**hole – 117 shades of being a jerk.

The Only Thing I Am Out Of Is Patience – Stick a fork in it, lady!

In Soviet Russia, Watermelon Likes You! – Kids really do say the darnedest things.

Forgot What Day It Was – Supply and demand, folks.

On A Mission To Entertain – Just call her the Boogie Woogie Bible Boy…

Courting Disaster – In a sentence: court is not optional!

Driving You Crazy, Part 2 – Please, PLEASE get this woman a car so she can drive far, far away!

International Bear Hugs – To wrap things up, here’s a sweet story about a soldier and his girl back home.


We hope this collection entertained and delighted. Did we miss any of your Memorial Day favorites? Let us know in the comments! Got any fun, ridiculous, or frustrating Memorial Day memories to share? Share them with us here!

Stay safe, and enjoy the holiday!

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