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18 Stories About Why We Should Respect Veterans: Happy Veteran’s Day From Not Always Right!

| Right | November 11, 2020

Dear readers,

We’d like to wish all of our readers, but especially those who are serving, have served, or are family members of those serving and served, a happy Veteran’s Day!

In honor of their sacrifice, we’ve rounded up eighteen stories from our archives about awesome veterans, Veteran’s Day, and a few examples of why you shouldn’t disrespect the uniform. Take care, and thank you for your service.


It Marches In The Family – Their family gatherings must be fascinating!

Bagged Himself A Steal – Thank you for your service and your clothesline!

Once A Marine, Always A Marine – It takes more than physical strength to be a Marine.

Needs A Military Rescue – Did you join the military just to get cheap movie tickets?

Lack Of Service For Those In The Service – Now, what did we learrrn?

Soldiering Through Bad Customers – Military service and customer service and college?! What an overachiever!

A Bit Grey With Anatomy – The foot bone’s connected to the… hip bone?

The Answer To Life, The Universe, And Everything – And here I thought we’d never know the Ultimate Question.

Someone Needs To Treat Warhorse – Hits from the comments: “Veterinarian of foreign horse?”

All In A Huff About The Man With A Puff – “Sometimes the customer is just an a**hole.” You said it, my dude.

Totally Four-Scored – Not Lincoln together jokes and reality.

Their Misinformation Campaign Is Under Attax – But what about the extended warranty on your car?!

The War On Terrorizing Customers – Some customers just want something to gripe about.

Some Camo You Can’t See, Some You Don’t Want To See – Some things are best kept under wraps.

Introductions Lead To Career Destructions – Hits from the comments: “You have an evil twin. He’s trying to destroy your life. Beware.”

Sure Beats A Shot In The Arm – Now that’s metal!

When Saying, “Thank You For Your Service,” Results In Crickets – That’s gonna be one happy dragon!

And finally, a story that technically doesn’t contain any veterans, but still contains a lot of respect for them!

I Love The Smell Of BS In The Morning… – Disrespect the uniform, and you lose the respect of everyone else.


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