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18 Stories About How Crazy Black Friday Can Be!

| Right | November 23, 2022

Dear readers,

At the end of this week, another Black Friday will pounce on all of the poor retail workers who need to leave their Thanksgiving gatherings early to start setting up the stores for their inevitable midnight openings. We’ve seen the crazy on display on the news and social media, but these poor people have to deal with it face-to-face!

In solidarity with these long-suffering retail workers, we’ve rounded up eighteen stories from the Not Always Right archives about Black Friday, showcasing how crazy this day can be! Please enjoy the following stories, and if you’re going shopping this Friday… be kind!


Whack Friday – Thank you for saying what those poor employees could not.

They’re Not Making Fine Figure(ine)s Of Themselves – Even the UK is not exempt from Black Friday madness.

Suddenly Thankful For Health Insurance – We’re glad this worked, but also so, so sad…

Shopping In Shades Of Grey – The blackest of black on Black Friday.

Too Much Information For Too Little Intelligence – Do you ever feel like customers have this weird ability to turn their ears off?

“Percentages & Assault” Coming This Fall On CBS – He did not deserve to get that card back.

I’m All Out Of Pot-Lucks To Give – Hits from the comments: “I love the smell of Schadenfreude in the morning!”

Black Friday Strikes Earlier Every Year – A person this unstable really shouldn’t be trusted with tattoos, anyway.

How I Met My Dinosaur – Best. Black Friday score. Ever.

Refuses To Shift The Blame – It’s not just customers who are jerks on Black Friday.

A Beacon Of Light On A Day So Black – Hits from the comments: “Fill out those surveys for workers who were great to ya, folks; you never know what sort of perks they could get!”

Obviously Not Cut From The Same Cloth – A few inches of kindness can cancel out a whole yard of rudeness.

No Black Friday Is Music To My Ears – Hits from the comments: “So Black Friday is like a retail version of The Purge? Everyone has to sell at a loss for 24 hours? :)”

Frequent Harassment Now Available In Every Aisle – Wow, we wonder why this guy is single. (If he even is!)

Desperate Times Call For Scammy Measures – This is one of those sad situations where no one is a winner.

Third-Party Pooper – Oh, look. Another no-win scenario.

Thanks But No Thanksgiving – You can plan all you want, and then people get involved.

Lost A Sale, And The Ability To Listen – What do you want to bet this rep was stuck in a script?


We hope you enjoyed this Black Friday-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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