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18 Priceless Stories About Birthday Party Poopers

| Right | September 3, 2020

Dear readers,

For this particular editor, September is a busy month. My parents, my partner, two close friends, and I all have birthdays this month, and we celebrate two family anniversaries, too. And tomorrow, September 4, is the birthday of the Queen Bee herself, Beyoncé!

In honor of Mrs. Knowles-Carter and the many, many people celebrating birthdays this month (and all year round!) we’ve put together 18 stories about businesses that cater to birthday parties, and about the people who make those parties particularly problematic. (Spoiler alert: they’re usually the parents!)


The Odds Are Not In Their Favor – “My children, who don’t know they play on a graveyard.”

That Hit You For Six – Something doesn’t add up here.

Making You Wish They Had Never Been Horn – Nooooooooooo!

Will Not Be Host To Your Charges – These rude customers might just bowl you over.

Breast Birthday Ever – Hits from the comments: “Your MOM has boobies!”

The Cookie Monster Isn’t The Biggest Monster Here – Gee, we wonder where the kid got it from?

Sins Of The Mother – We sure hope those kids enjoyed that party, because it might just be their last.

The Father Of All Bad Examples – If only parents were as willing to, you know, parent as they are to yell at people.

The Party Is Going To Pot – We’re still crying… over those kids’ names.

Party To Your Demands – Considering your kid’s birthday comes the same day every year, maybe you should plan better?

Attack Of The Entitled Mummy – If you want cheap face painting, do it yourself!

A Party Pooper – Nothing ruins a good time like unexpected bills!

Some Bosses Won’t Be A Party To Anything – When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Very Bad Beer-havior – Instant Karma?! Now it’s a party!

Thinking Outside The Box By Leaving Them Outside – Why do people keep having kids they have no interest in parenting?

Will Ensure Her Comments Are Parked With You – Hits from the comments: “Why didn’t you whip out the cement mixer and building materials you keep in The Back?”

This Manager Has You Down In The Gutter – You’re in for some really crappy parties at this place.

Not Quite Hammering A Point Home – This party is off to a really rocky start.


We hope you found this roundup about birthday parties entertaining! Let us know in the comments if there were any fun (or frustrating) stories we missed! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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