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18 Crazy Stories About Crayons, Creativity, And Colorful Characters!

| Right | September 12, 2020

Dear readers,

Quarantine, isolation, whatever you want to call it… it’s boring. No summer concerts, trips to the movie theater, evenings out at the bars… It’s just so boring! But in between reading our stories, have you thought about pulling out a coloring book and some crayons and just letting your mind relax to pass the time?

Today, we’ve rounded up 18 stories about crayons! In our search, we had to dodge several irrelevant stories about people who weren’t “the brightest crayon in the box,” but some of these people fit that bill anyway. And some of them probably shouldn’t even be allowed to use crayons. We hope you enjoy!


A First-Class First-Grade Forgery – When you know how to handle your crayons, anything is possible!

Terrible Two Sentences – We really need to revisit the proper use of crayons.

Will Have To Take It As Read – It’s the thought that counts, right?

Juiced Up For Adulthood – Sometimes you just have to sit back and think of simpler times.

Crayon And On And On – Frankly, this is just plain impressive.

Wish You Could Crayon Over That Joke – One day, you’ll wish people would offer you crayons.

Sanguine Mealtime Entertainment – That escalated quickly.

As A Rule Of Crumb – This kid recognizes that there is a time and place for crayons.

Made The Flight Bear-able – Crayons only stretch so far!

Acting Out Of Line While Inside The Lines – This is a level of immaturity that surpasses even crayons.

Reading Between The Coloring Lines – Coloring isn’t always so innocent, it seems!

Blue In The Face Over The Dino – Who knew crayons could cause such drama?

Taking Things At Face Value – Hits from the comments: “That sounds suspiciously like what a big mean poopy face would say.”

Word To The Whys – Here we have an example of crayons being used for evil rather than good.

Always Handle Grown Ups With Kid Gloves, Part 2 – We can’t stop laughing at this customer’s note long enough to write a caption.

“Thou Shalt Not Steal” But Only Written In Crayon – Must be a graduate of the Rocket Raccoon School Of Etiquette.

Hopefully, In Ten Years, Your Brother Will Have Caught Up With The Last Thirty – Today in unnecessarily gendered things for kids: crayons.

While You’re Waiting To (Card)Board – And finally, we have crayons being used for joy!


We hope you enjoyed this crayon-themed roundup! Let us know in the comments if there were any stories we forgot to include! Want to send in your own story? Pull out some crayons and submit your story here!

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