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18 Chill-Inducing Stories About Freezing Weather And Those Who Can’t Handle It (And A Few Who Can)

| Right | August 28, 2020

Dear readers,

For our readers in the southern hemisphere, winter is coming to an end. Meanwhile, between the oppressive heat and wildfire smoke, certain northern-hemisphere-based editors are seriously considering relocating! A couple of weeks ago, we posted a roundup about heatwaves. We thought it might help us if we sympathized with other people whose brains were slowly baking in their skulls.

It didn’t work! So, instead, here’s a roundup about the flipside of the coin; we’ve gathered 18 stories from our archives about people battling blizzards, rainstorms, and cold snaps!


Psychic Like The Night King – If your weather app fails you, there’s always windows.

Getting Heated About The Lack Of It – It seems that the laws of thermodynamics even apply to entitled jerks!

Being Cold Makes Him Hot – If you’re gonna be stupid, own it!

Snowhere To Go – Maybe their brain needs thawing out.

The Storm After The Calm, Part 2 – Tomato soup is essential for weathering storms!

Not Driving To The Point – Some people just live in frozen little bubbles.

A Very Cold Comment – “More insulated” rarely translates to a compliment.

A Blizzard Of Ungrateful Customers – As editors, we’ll do a lot for a good set of pens, but this is a little nuts.

Cold Hearts Can Leave You In The Cold – This employee’s work ethic is the opposite of heartwarming.

The Pot Calling The Blizzard White – Once again, we’re reminded that employees aren’t people.

Not Exactly Snowed Under With Customers – It’s not just the customers who don’t treat employees like humans.

Won’t Sit Idly By – Sometimes the worst damage comes after the storm.

A Very Expensive Taxi – Nothing like holding up resources that could be attending to actual emergencies!

When Judgment Is Cloudy – We couldn’t have forecasted this level of stupid.

Customer To The Rescue – A customer who keeps their cool can warm your heart.

That Snow Mountain – Editor’s note: this is my favorite NAR story of all time!

If the last sixteen stories left you feeling cold, hopefully, these two inspirational stories will give you the warm fuzzies!

The Calm After The Storm – Understanding customers! They do exist!

Took Note Of Your Kindness – Extend a little warmth and it’s bound to come back to you one day.


We hope this anti-heatwave roundup made you smile and helped you cool down! If you need warming up, check out our heatwave roundup here! Let us know in the comments if there were any stories we neglected to include! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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