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(I work in a discount department store and I have been there for around a month, but I do have retail experience in another store. I am ringing up a woman and occasionally our signs are set too early or late for a sale and don’t match up with the register.)
Customer: Oh, that sweater should be 30% off.
Me: Nope, it’s coming up as regular price, sorry.
Customer: Well, there was a sign on the rack that said 30% off. It said “This Arm Only” but this sweater should be 30% off.
(The sweater is from my department, so I know which rack she means.)
Me: Yes, but this was on a separate arm of the rack, it was only specific sweaters, not this one.
Customer: But it said 30% off, there was a sign that said “This Arm Only 30% Off”.
Me: There is, but did this sweater come from the arm with the sign?
Customer: “No. But it should be 30% off, that’s what the sign said.
Me: I’m sorry, but that sign is for a different sweater.
Customer: Okay that is ridiculous. I won’t be purchasing that sweater.
(She finished the rest of her purchase, unhappily.)