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I work in a small franchised “specialty” shoe store. The area we’re in is the main tourist hub, right on the beach, but there also happens to be a rather large homeless population. Once in a while we have a problem transient and are forced to call security, but it’s been quiet since the beginning of the year.
Next to us is a jewelry shop; on my way back from the restroom I noticed an oddly thin woman standing in front of my store. Because the door to my shop was closed she decided to go into the jewelry shop. I unlock and open up, as I’m standing behind the counter I hear someone walk in.
“Aloha!” I greeted two bodies without looking up as I worked on the POS system.
Two women had entered the store, one in a blue dress, the other was the oddly thin woman. As the thin woman approached the counter I could detect a smell unique to the homeless in the area. I look up to greet her, I can smell her, and she coughs in my face.
“So, how much are these?” She pointed to the caddie full of lip balm.
“Oh, they’re about five dollars. They have sunscreen in them too.”
She coughed again, a wet nasty cough.
“So are you just fucking rude to homeless people or something?”
I looked at her, having been working on the register. I gather very quickly that our neighbors in the jewelry store had to ask her to leave.
“What’s your fucking problem with homeless people? Like, are they allowed to be in here?”
The woman leaned over the counter to a point where it would have made anyone uncomfortable.
“Totally, if you’re going to buy something.” I didn’t give her my full attention, just sort of answered her question and continued working on my register.
“Well FUCK THAT. Can’t just fucking stand in the store if I want to?”
The other woman, having heard the thin woman cursing, decides to bolt and leaves the store. The exact reason we don’t like it when vagrants hang around.
“No, sorry. You should leave, I’m calling security.”
The woman coughed in my face again, then turned and ran.

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