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(One of my classmates works in our town’s tourist information. One day, a man from Cuba enters.)

Tourist: “Schluchsee Apartment Baden-Baden”
Classmate: “Sorry, there is no apartment called Schluchsee in Baden-Baden. [takes out a map and points to Baden-Baden] This is Baden-Baden [points to Baden-Baden] and this is Schluchsee [points to Schluchsee]. It’s on the border to Switzerland, you have to take the highway there.”
Tourist: “No. Schluchsee Apartment Baden-Baden.”
Classmate: “I can call your apartment in Schluchsee, if you like.”
Tourist: “Call them.”
[she calls the apartment]
Classmate: “I called the apartment and the reservation desk is closed for today. But you can stay in Baden-Baden and i’ll book you a hotel.”
Tourist: [points to Baden-Baden on the Map] “This is one side of Baden-Baden. [points to Schluchsee] This is other side of Baden-Baden.”
Classmate: [points to Baden-Baden] “Baden-Baden is just this little town here. This is a map of the whole of Baden-Württemberg.”

(It went on like this for a long time. The tourist did have his wife with him and she realized that Schluchsee wasn’t in Baden-Baden. He didn’t.)

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