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(Before I start, you need a little physical description of me. I am a very pale redhead male, about 4’4″ at the time of this event. I was at a store with my boyfriend, shopping with him and his dad)

Middle-Aged Lady: F****** gays! Can’t even go in public without holding hands and s***! Y’all are gonna go to hell!

Boyfriend: Looky here madame, if ya don’t like it, then walk away and stop talking about us. We aren’t bothering you now are we?

(By this time, his dad was away on a different aisle, oblivious to the situation.)

Middle-Aged Lady: You are a disgrace! You don’t deserve to be in this store, much less alive!

Me: First off, shut the bloody h*** up. Second, I see no reason that we shouldn’t be in the store, as we have a right to love each other as we please. Now, kindly scuttle along lass, I don’t want a scene.

(The lady promptly decided to start throwing merchandise at us and screaming homophobic terms at us. My boyfriend’s dad finally noticed the lady, and told an employee of the situation, who called security.)

Lady: Don’t you know who I am? I could make you never be able to have a job! I could make you homeless!

(Security shows up, and is a tall, ripped lady with short hair.)

Lady: *Points at security* And you! F****** {lesbian slur}, you aren’t any better! Why the actual f*** do you people get to be alive?!?

Security: Ma’am, I’m afraid I will have to forcibly remove you if you don’t immediately leave. You will be banned my the manager if you don’t comply.

(At this, the customer threw an absolute fit, and started to scream even louder and attempted to punch the security guard.)

Security: *Picks up customer and walks out the door*

Employee: I’m sorry folks, she does this everytime she comes in, just not always this bad. We’re giving y’all a %20 discount because of this!

(Afterwards, the police were called and she was taken to jail. Everyone else we talked to at the store was so nice to us the rest of the day!)

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