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(I work at a pretty well-known ice cream chain over the summers. One mid-evening in August, an older lady came in and ordered a soft serve. It came out to be around $3 and change. After getting the soft serve from the machine, I set it on the stand and start ringing her up.)
Me: So a medium soft serve will be [amount]!
(Starts digging through her fanny pack for the correct amount of change, but after a moment gives up and hands me 2 toonies ($2 coins). By the time I process the sale and give her the change, the ice cream has been sitting for a few minutes.)
Lady: Oh, no way! That’s too melty! Give me my money back.
Me: Oh, I’m sorry about that – it’s no trouble, I can grab you another one.
Lady: Not if it’s going to be as melted as this one.
(I get another cone and fill it with soft serve, making sure to pour a little extra out of the machine (sometimes the first few drips aren’t quite frozen enough.) The lady finally leaves, but not without complaining about the price of her ice cream.)
(A few minutes later, she STORMS back in and slams the soft serve on the desk.)
Lady: No way, not a chance. Just give me my money back.
(She hands me back her change and I give her two toonies, slightly flustered but trying to keep it cool. She leaves and I have no choice but to throw out both the soft serves. Wouldn’t you have it, a few minutes later she storms in AGAIN.)
Lady: Excuse me!! I gave you a $5 bill, and when I returned for my money back you only gave me $4. You owe me another dollar!
Me: You gave me two toonies, ma’am. I gave you back the right amount.
Lady: No, I paid $5! Give me my dollar!
(So I, a very sensitive and flustered 19 year old girl, as I was nearly on the verge of tears, dig out her receipt as calmly as I can.)
Me: Look, your receipt says $4.
Lady: WHATEVER, I’m not arguing this anymore. I’m NEVER coming back here again!
(My supervisor said something about people not respecting younger workers as I went to the back room to collect myself, but when the rush for that evening cleared out, we both agreed – that lady was crazy!)