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(I’m sitting at the front of a double decker bus just staring outside. This was my first time riding on one of these, so I decide to make the most out of the experience.)

Man: So are you a VIP?

(I turn in the direction of the voice, startled, since I was the only one on the top part of the bus. Also, I’m not used to having strangers talk to me.)

Me: Oh…um…no.

(The man takes a seat across from me and as he sits down, I decide to take off my ear buds I had on earlier for listening to my music just in case he tries to talk to me so that I don’t appear rude.)

Man: So where are you going? (I immediately stiffen)

Me: Um…what? Oh I’m going to school.

(I wasn’t lying but I wasn’t going to say the name of the college I was going to either.)

Man: Are you going to art school?

Me: No…

Man: I speak 11 languages and I can write in 9 of them.

Me: (nodding my head, a little confused) That’s cool.

Man: Looking at you, I can tell you’re a pretty smart kid.

Me: Oh, thank you.

Man: So what are you studying?

Me: (I can’t think of a lie so I end up telling him upfront) Sir, to be honest with you, I don’t tell people what I study or what I do for that matter. But out of curiosity, what languages do you speak? (I mentally cringe because I know I made a stupid mistake)

Man: (stares at me)…You’re a sick woman, you know that?

Me: (I stare at him, perplexed)

Man: You’re a sick woman. (Repeats several times before making a phone call)

(Over the phone)
Man: Yeah…yeah…these bus patrons are very rude…So how’s the baby going along…10 days…ohhh…I hope it is a baby boy because if it is a baby girl, I’ll send her in a box for thirty cents in pennies…Ok…

(Once he finishes his call, he falls asleep)

*By the time I got off the bus, I was really questioning if I actually went through all that and heard everything on the phone correctly.

**To this day, my mom still teases me about riding double decker buses.

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