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(I work at a local Panera Bread. We have a rewards card that, in order to use, must be entered before the transaction is complete.)
Me: Alright, and do you have a MyPanera card?
Customer: *blank look*
Me: Alright, well your total comes to (total). Go ahead and swipe your credit card.
She swipes her card and I hand her her receipt.
Me: Have a nice –
Customer: Oh, I have a MyPanera card! Can I put it through now?
Me: Ma’am, why didn’t you tell me when I asked you?
Customer: But you didn’t ask! Put my card through!
I’m still fresh from training and have never had a situation like this, so I look over at my coworker.
Coworker: Ma’am, the only way you can get your points on your card is if you go online when you get home.
Customer: But I don’t want to go online! Put my card through now!
Coworker: I really can’t help you. If you want your points, you need to go online. Plug in the numbers on your receipt, and it will put the points on your card.
Customer: Fine! I see how it is! You won’t put my points on my card! Well, you’ve just lost a loyal customer! *storms away, fuming*

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