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(10 years ago I worked at a major business supply and electronics store. This story is about an ongoing angry customer. He is Russian, walks with a cane, and though easy to understand English is not his first language. Many other associates have dealt with him, but i was the last for a while.)

ME: (seeing who has entered) groans

Customer: “I would like printer” hands me website picture of printer

ME:”Okay sir” I go get the printer from the overhead storage “Here, you go sir”

I carry it to checkout and here is where the weirdness kicks in

Customer: Raising voice and waving cane, ” I do not want this, this printer been opened!!!”

Me: “No sir it hasn’t been opened. If it was opened we would have tagged it open box.

Customer: “You guys forget to put sticker, I know this been opened”

Me: ” Sir if this box has been resealed there would have to be extra tape on it covering over the old tape. Also if the old tape was completely removed there is no way for it not to remove some the coloring and top layer of the box” I show him an example.

Customer: eyes beaming “You are most efficent man here! You quit and come work for me! I am Russian Engineer, I pay big bucks in Roubles, you come work for me and make alot of money!”

Me: “That’s okay sir”

The customer keeps repeating himself and eventually takes printer and leaves. A couple days later he comes in and begins yelling at our copy center worker for somereason, and he needs help setting up the printer he bough, which is not her department. He is screaming and yelling obscenities and is eventually told to leave. Another few days later he calls and I answer the phone:

Me: “How can I help you?”

Customer: ” I really sorry about other day, I was not on medication. Today I put best foot foward. I need help with printer”

I proceed to help him, and he eventually recognizes me as the person who helped him buy the printer after spending a further 45 minutes explaining to an “engineer” how to install a printer.

Customer: See i put best foot foward and offer you job. Pay you in Roubles! Roubles will be the next big currency, we get rich!”

Me: That’s okay sir, you have a nice day sir”

Fast forward 3 months later, reading the in the courts section of the news paper I see his name. Apparently he was arrested for disturbing the peace in another shop, and when his court date arrived he was apparently not on his medication and his best foot wasn’t forward resulting him swinging his cane and hitting a bailiff in the head. He did not come into our store the remainder of my being there.

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