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I answer the phone: Hello [pizza place name] how can I help you?
Customer: I’d like a party.
Me: Sorry, I didn’t quite catch that.
Customer: A party.
Me: Like a kids party in store?
Customer: Yes.
Me: I’m sorry, we don’t do kids parties.
Customer: What do you mean? You must do them!
Me: We do not do kids parties. Our customer area has a small bench and two stools. We simply don’t have the space to do a party.
Customer: Well what am I supposed to do for my kids birthday then?
Me: hold on a moment
*I consult the manager, who is as surprised about the situation as I am. We conclude that one of the stores in the next suburb would have space if they wanted to do a kids party*
Me: We can’t do anything but the store in X suburb would have enough space. I can give you their number and you could ask them if you like?
Customer: Oh, well I’ll just keep calling around then.
Me: Yep, would you like that store’s phone number so you can call them?
Customer: Nah, I’ll just keep calling around.
Me: yes, but while you are calling around do you want the number for that store?
Customer: Nah, goodnight.
Me: Ok, well I’m sorry we couldn’t help you more.
Customer hangs up.