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I was shopping in the electronics section of one of the big national retail stores. A customer approached me quickly and was just short of being out of breath. He spoke very quickly and desperately.

Customer: Are you the manager? You have to help me! I was on your website looking for a game, found it and clicked the Buy at Store option, but your staff says you’re out of stock. How can this be?!

Me, a little stunned: I’m sorry sir, I would love to help you but I don’t work here.

Customer, very confused: You don’t?

Me: Nope. I’m shopping for a digital antenna. *I gestured to the buffet of digital antennas on the shelf in front of me*

The customer followed my gesture and frowned. “In a store this big, I can never find an employee!”

I made another gesture, this time toward the two employees in the cashier section 10 feet to our left. “Well sir, you might start with them and work your way up.”