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, | Unfiltered | December 8, 2019

My colleague is working at the drive through during a particularly busy shift, and as such two of our machines have broken down: the frappé machine and the icecream machine. An order with an icecream and a frappé slips through the system without getting caught before my colleague at the last window.

Colleague: Hi! Sorry, we can’t do any icecreams or frappé’s. Can I get you something else instead?

Customer: oh, ummmmm…can I get a sundae?

Colleague: no, sorry, we can’t do icecream.

Customer: what about a chocolate frappé?

Colleague: no, sorry, we can’t do frappé’s either.

Customer: can I get a [popular type of icecream]?

Colleague: no, as I said, we can’t do icecream. Did you want anything else?

Customer: f*** this.

The customer drives off without getting a refund. My colleague laughs a bit then continues working. This sort of exchange happens about once or twice a day.