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I was working Drive Thru at night, around 11 pm. During the day we will break a 100 dollar bill but after 10 we don’t in case of robbery, which has been known to happen in our area. A customer orders a large hamburger combo and pulls through. He hands me a 100 dollar bill.
Me: “I’m sorry sir, I can’t take this, we don’t break 100 dollar bills after 10 pm.”
Customer: “Are you fucking serious?! You can’t fucking break this? That’s ridiculous.”
Me: “I’m sorry, I can’t take it.”
At this point I hand him the bill back, and my manager overhearing the fuss, comes over.
Manager: “I’m sorry sir, due to the high number of times we’ve been robbed we can’t take 100’s after 10.”
Customer: “My daughter runs a lemonade stand and is giving change all day! You’re a Drive Thru and you can’t give me change?”
We continue to apologize but he is clearly still aggravated. He pulls out a 20 and hands it to me. I gather his change, which includes bills and coins, and try to hand it to him. He proceeds to roughly grab the money from my hand and throw the coins on the street. I gather his food and give it to him, and he drives off without saying a word.