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(I’m the customer in this story. My mom works across the street from the retail store I work at, so during my break I usually go to a quick-serve Mexican restaurant nearby and get us both our usual: a single enchilada meal. Usually, the restaurant employees initially think I want one double enchilada meal rather than two singles, so I try to make myself very clear from the start… usually only ending in confusion.)

Me: Hi, could I get two single pork enchiladas?

Employee: You want two enchiladas?

Me: Yes, TWO single enchiladas, please.

Employee: A double?

Me: No, two different meals.

Employee: Okay, no problem!

(I’m relieved as he starts making two different meals, but about a minute in I realize he’s making burritos instead of enchiladas.)

Me: Uh oh… are those enchiladas?

Employee: *freezes* I thought you said burritos.

Me: No, enchiladas, I’m so sorry!

(The employee tosses the burritos and begins making a single plate of two enchiladas)

Employee: Okay, two enchiladas…

Me: Two separate single meals, I’m so sorry!

(The employee is obviously very confused at this point, but eventually we get it right. I felt like such a bad customer!)

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