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(I used to work in a sandwich shop that toasted its subs. It happened to be right next to one of the city’s air force bases, in addition to a very large police station. Thus, there were always at least two men or women in uniform in the store during all of our business hours. One day, a regular 50-something civilian customer who had usually been fairly pleasant came in and ordered his regular sandwich, which he always ordered with double meat and double cheese and hadn’t had problems with before.)

Customer: Gimme my regular. And this time, I want you to run it through the toaster one extra time!

Me: I can do that, sir, but since we already toast it twice, I think three times is going to burn the sandwich bread. Did you want us to try heating the meats first or–

Customer, cutting me off: Just toast it ! I’m on my lunch break!

Me: Okay, but I just wanted to let you know that the sandwich will probably burn.

(We make the sandwich and run it through three times. Sure enough, the bread’s burnt on the edges, but everything else is nicely heated through. The customer snatches his sandwich from the pickup counter and storms to his seat. One bite later, he storms back.)

Customer, shouting: It’s COLD in the middle and my bread is BURNT! Why can’t you morons make a f*cking sandwich correctly!? I’m in here every d*mn day and I’ve never had a problem before!

(By now, several of the uniformed folks in the store are staring at the man, having heard the entire exchange.)

Me: Would you like us to make you another sandwich, sir? It’s hard to heat it through when you’ve ordered so many extra toppings. We can try and heat the meats fir–

(The customer cuts me off again by throwing his sandwich and plate on the counter.)

Customer: Just get it f*cking right this time!

(We make him a new sandwich, but one of the other employees is so flustered by the normally pleasant customer’s outburst that he accidentally puts sauce on the bread, when this customer prefers the sandwich dry. Unfortunately none of us realizes the mistake until we’d served the customer the sandwich. He took one bite, jumped up from the table with a roar and marched up to the counter again, looking like he was ready to reach across and strangle someone.)


(By now, two of the uniformed men at one of the tables stand up and approach the irate customer. They tell him that he needed to calm down and be polite to us, since we were really trying to serve him what he wanted. He whirled on THEM and launched into another tirade about how he wasn’t about to be threatened by a couple of [insulting slurs] — which automatically had the REST of the uniformed military personnel leaping to their feet, ready to throw down with this jerk — when two police officers walked in. The man’s expression turned from rage to a classic “I’m screwed” stare, and they marched him out of the store and told him not to come back in until he could behave like a civilized person. The next time we saw him, he was incredibly meek and polite.)

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