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(I used to work at what was considered to be a “fancy” grocery store in our area. It’s around the holidays, and since we’re extra busy, I get pulled from my normal department to help check people out. My lane is the express lane, 20 items or less. I’m currently checking out an older woman, probably in her 80’s, who I realize is maybe 2-3 items over the limit).

Me: “Did you find everything you were looking for?”

Older Woman: “Oh, yes dear!”

(Meanwhile, the lady behind her seems to be getting angrier as I start to ring up the Older Woman’s groceries)

Angry Lady: “You know this is 20 items or less, right? Did you ever learn how to read? Are you stupid are something?”

Me: “Ma’am, I’m gonna get everyone through this line as quickly as I possibly can.”

(The Angry Lady continues to berate and insult the Older Woman as I quickly ring up & bag her 2 extra items).

Older Woman (after paying): *Turns to Angry Lady* “Have a nice day.”

(This seems to make the Angry Lady more irate)

Angry Lady: *places her one item, a beet, on the belt* “You people need to learn how to do your damn jobs and kick rule-breakers out of your line. I just wasted extra minutes because you let that hag through. SEE? I HAVE ONE THING. O-N-E.”

(I don’t respond, and just ring up her one beet. She snatches the bag and storms out in a huff.)

Me (to the next customer, who is in disbelief): Fa-la-la-la-la, la la la la….

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