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(I’m covering another store location that isn’t my home store. This occurs as soon as we open for the day.)
Customer: Can you break $100?
Me: Unfortunately, I don’t have enough change at the moment.
Customer: How can you not have enough change? Can’t you go to the bank and get some?
Me: No, I’m only working here for the day, I normally work at [location].
(She tries to think of other reasons as to why I should have more change to break her $100 bill and how I should get change to do so.)
Customer: Well, I guess I’ll have to go to another store to break it.
(She leaves for a few minutes and comes back with smaller bills. We make the transaction and I’m happy she’s about to leave.)
Customer: *looking at receipt* Actually, can I just pay with my card instead?
Me: …

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