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(I’m the customer in this story. It is roughly midnight and my friend and I have just stopped to fill up our car before our 3+hr ride back to the states home from a concert. We’re both exhausted and it is below freezing outside and we’re both confused with the metric/standard and currency conversion. I go inside to pre-pay for the gas.)

Me: Hi, I’d like to fill up the tank on the purple car outside please?
Cashier: Okay, how much?
Me: Um, I’m not sure… I don’t know what the size of the tank is… Let’s start with $80 I guess?
Cashier: Okay. (He swipes my card to pre-pay but it doesn’t want to take it. He has to swipe it three times to get it to accept the card.) Finally! (he hands it back to me) Feel free to go out and pump and I promise, you’ll only be charged whatever you actually pump.

(I go outside, and attempt to pump gas. Being that I am completely unfamiliar with driving or fueling cars I make a total mess of it and go back inside thinking that I’ve filled the tank.)

Me: Well, that didn’t seem like enough gas, but the pump kept clicking off, so I guess that’s it then?
Cashier: Oh, okay. (He rings me out and the total is only like $12CAD.)
Me: Wow! Is that all? Um, okay then I guess? (I wave to him and go back outside. My friend and I get back in the car and she tells me that it only filled the tank about 1/4 of the way and we definitely need more gas. So I go back in.)

Me: Hey, sorry to bother you again, looks like I did something wrong and need more gas.
Cashier: Oh okay! No problem, how much do you want to pay this time? Again, I’ll only charge you whatever you actually need to fill the tank.
Me: Yeah, no worries, I believe you. Let’s try $40 this time I guess? That should be enough at least to fill the rest of the tank. (This time my card doesn’t want to ring through. It keeps coming back declined, despite the fact that I had *JUST* used it less than five minutes ago.)
Me: Oh my god, I have no idea why this is happening… Let me try this one. (I try another card, also declined, and then have to go to my debit card which finally works.)

(I go back outside, and this time my friend fills the tank and it fills without issue. I go back to get my receipt, which is about $38CAD and that makes more sense. When my friend and I go back to the car I’m double checking everything and realize something. I tell my friend I just need to go back into the store one more time before we leave. I go back in and the poor cashier gets a pained look on his face.)

Me: Hey, sorry! Last time, I promise! *laughing* I just realized though, after all these issues… (I reach into my back pocket.) I had cash this whole time I completely forgot about! (Me and the cashier both had a really good laugh at the stupidity of it all.)