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(I’m manning the back room on Black Friday. It’s manic, so I’m ignoring the phone to serve customers and aide coworkers. It rings non-stop for about five minutes, so when I get a second I pick up; most calls are simply enquiries of opening hours and can be answered in moments)

Me: Hello, [sub shop]. [My name] speaking. How can I help?
Caller: Where are you?
Me: I’m sorry, sir?
Caller: How do I get to your store?
Me: Well, we’re a part of [shopping centre] by the-
Caller: No, I need directions. I don’t know where [shopping centre] is.
Me: *balancing the phone between my shoulder and ear to be able to do sort some change out for the cashier, who’s run out of pennies* If you tell me where you are, I’ll do my best.
Caller: I don’t know where I am. Just tell me how to get to your store.
Me: *getting a little frustrated as I have a lot to do* Well Sir, I can’t tell you where to go if I don’t know where you’re coming from.

(It takes about ten minutes to get the man’s location and offer him directions, as well as our location within the shopping centre. He requires these step by step and, as one of my coworkers predicts, walks into the store still on his phone talking to me.)

Caller: *still holding the phone to his ear in front of the order station* I’d like three footlong [popular vegetarian sub].
Coworker: What bread would you like those on?
Caller: *taking the phone from his ear and in a sharp tone* Be quiet! I’m ordering. *returns the phone to his ear and orders again*
Coworker: *sends me a look of despair from the other side of the store*
Me: *sighs, giving up and still out back on the phone* What bread would you like?

(He completes his entire transaction ‘on the phone’ while my coworkers use his answers to make his subs in front of him. They take a while as each sub requires two vegetable burgers and we run out half way through the order and have to get more from storage. When he gets to the till he finally hangs up and talks to the cashier)

Cashier: *rings him up* That’ll be [price], please.
Caller: I want to speak to a manager. I called almost twenty minutes ago. These sandwiches should have been ready when I got here, and I had to wait for someone to get more patties.
Cashier: I’m sorry Sir, but the subs were made fresh for you while you ordered them. I-
Caller: I ordered them over the phone, they should have been ready when I got here!.
Me: *stepping out from around the back, phone still in hand* The manager isn’t in at the moment, but unfortunately there’s not a lot I can do about your waiting time; you ordered them over the phone while you were in the store.
Caller: But I called twenty minutes ago! I was directed here!
Me: *holds up the phone* Yes, I was the one who took your call, and you didn’t order the subs until you stepped into the store.
Caller: *shoves his card into the machine to pay* I’ll be calling your manager tomorrow for making me wait so long for my order!
Me: Not a problem, Sir. We’ll be happy for your feedback.

(Once he’d stormed out of the store, I called my manager to warn him what was coming the next day. He did call back claiming that all the staff had been very rude to him, that he’d ordered a half hour before he got into the store and that we’d been standing around doing nothing when he turned up for his subs. A quick glance at the till showed we’d taken three times our normal takings in that hour and our manager simply told him to get lost, though I got a reprimand for not giving him a discount so he wouldn’t call he next day…)

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