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(I am working the front desk and receive the following phone call. Please note that we are not a full service hotel and therefore we mainly send callers looking to make a reservation to our central reservation system, especially when we are busy with guests in front of us)
Me: Thank you for calling [hotel] this is [name] speaking. How may I assist you?
Caller: Yes I am moving out of my house this month while looking for a new place to stay. The dates are December 20 through the end of February. I was just wondering what the availability and pricing would be?
Me: Sure thing, sure. Let me go ahead and transfer you to our reservation desk. One moment.
(I then proceed to help a guest in front of me when, not even a mili-second after I transferred the guy, the phone rings again. So I quickly finish up with the guest in front of me before answering the phone yet again)
Me: Thank you for calling [hotel] this is [name] speaking. How may I assist you?
Caller: Hi this is [name] I just called a moment ago. Do you guys not take reservations at the hotel?
Me: Well, we mainly use a central reservation system.
Caller: [after a pause, suddenly very irate] You’re…KIDDING!
Me: [taken aback by him suddenly screaming at me, as most people do not respond our reservation system in that way] Um…no, sir. We use a central reservation system, as we are not a full service hotel and therefore do not have an in-house reservation desk…
Caller: [continues going off for no apparent reason] How do you do business like that?! I am a LOCAL, wanting to set up a reservation with my LOCAL hotel! You’re telling me I can’t do that?!
Me: I’m sorry, sir. But, as I said…
Caller: [interrupting] I don’t want to be transferred to some international number! You don’t have ANYONE else there who can help me? [pauses] Look, I’m not trying to be rude.
Me: [rolls eyes so far up that they almost roll into the back of my head completely]
Caller: What if a guest walks in? Hm? What, do you just put them on the phone?
[Note: we can technically make reservations at the property. However, if a guest comes up to the desk or we get another incoming call, we HAVE to put the current caller on hold. At this point, I am so annoyed that I just decide to try and make the reservation for the guy, hoping that I don’t get any other incoming calls or any other guests come up to the desk, as I know if I put this guy on hold, he’ll definitely go off again]
Me: Okay, sir. I understand your frustration. Let me go ahead and play around with some thing so I can try and make this reservation for you.
(The system suddenly glitches and doesn’t show me any room types for the dates he provided me, even though I am 99% sure we have availability. These glitches have been a common occurrence since our system got upgraded about a month back – another reason why we tend to use the central reservation system. Not wanting to piss the guy off anymore, I simply give the guy options for several rooms at the normal rate we would have for an extended stay. At this time, it’s pretty high since we are in season. After giving him the price, he then goes off that it’s too expensive, so I give him my managers number to see if she can find a better rate for him when she comes in Monday. Let’s just hope the rates are the same as I quoted.)

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