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I work in a very well-known office supply store, albeit one in a rather small city. I am walking over to the copy area, and on my way pass a woman carrying two flat-pack cardboard boxes and a roll of tape. When I reach the copy area, I answer a phone call almost immediately and am on the phone only about two minutes. After ending the call, I look towards the register and see that the cashier has a small line of about three customers. Our policy is not to have more than two customers in any line at any time, so I head over to help her out. I call the woman with the boxes over to my register.
Woman: About f****** time! I’ve been struggling to hold this s***.
Me: *shocked* I’m sorry about that…
Woman: Every f******* time I come in here you idiots p*** me off!
Me: *staring at the raving woman, talking slowly and evenly* …Do you have a rewards card?
Woman: No I don’t have a f****** rewards card. I hate this f****** place! I go to *other stores in our chain* and there’s never a problem! I come here and there’s no one to help me, and four people standing around talking about hardware! (Note: including the manager, there are only five employees in the entire store, one at the copy area, one at the tech area, the other cashier, the manager who I haven’t seen, and myself, so I’m not sure who she’s referring to.) Thank God I’m leaving this r***** town and moving to Arizona, which is why I’m even here buying these stupid boxes! I’ve been waiting in line for ten goddamned minutes! (Really only about three)
Me: I’m sorry that the other employees were tied up with customers-
Woman: You’re wasting your breath because I’m not even f****** listening to you anymore!
Me: *deciding to stay silent at this point, as she viciously swipes her card in the credit machine, which, of course, decides to not process her card.
Woman: This is ridiculous! Why the f*** is this taking so long?
Me: The machine times out sometimes, you’ll have to try again-
Woman: Get me someone over here who knows what the f*** they’re doing!
Me: please swipe your card again.
Woman: *does so, all while still spitting her bile the whole time* Why the f*** do they have idiots who don’t know what they’re doing working here? This is taking forever! Get me a f****** manager!
Me: *Speaking very slowly as if to a rampaging animal* Ma’mn there is no one who can make the computer go faster. It’s going to take as long as it takes. You need to select if you want cash back.
Woman: *still raving at me once again turns her attention from the directions on the pin pad to abuse me*
Me: it’s asking you if the amount is correct.
Woman: *stabs the pin pad with the stylus like she’s trying to murder it* God! Get me someone who knows what they’re doing already!
Me: *hands her the receipt that has just printed* It’s finished. You’re all done.
Woman: *grabs her tape and screams* A******! *She begins to storm out of the store, still ranting and raving.
Me: Ma’mn…
Woman: *turns around like she’s going to rush me*
Me: *holding out her boxes* Do you want these?
Woman: *grabs them and stomps out of the store.*
Cashier: What on earth was that about!?
Me: *throws up my hands in a shrug* I guess she was upset about waiting in line for three minutes…
Woman: *Sees my gesture from outside the store and flips me off through the window before disappearing*
I had to laugh about it, it was too ridiculous to bear. Other customers had been watching the whole time and began commenting on how outrageously she had behaved. All I can say is ‘Good luck, Arizona.’

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