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Me: Thanks for calling [Store], how may I help you?
Caller: This is [caller]. I need to talk to [what sounds like Ryan; it sounds like the caller is in a wind tunnel, so the fact that I managed to make out that much of what he said was nearly a miracle].
*Note that we have several Ryans and Brians in our store, and some of them have really similar last names, too. So, people are usually really understanding if a mix up happens because of bad call quality.*
Me: Certainly. Do you happen to have a last name? We have several Ryans–
Me: *I’m taken aback by how angry the caller is that I didn’t hear him correctly, but I stay cheerful* Sorry about that; the call must have cut out a bit. I’m afraid I’ll still need a last name, though, because we have a couple of Brians, as well, and I want to make sure I get the right one for you.
Caller: HE’S [generic description that fits three of the four Brians]! GO OUT THERE AND FIND HIM! CAN YOU DO THAT FOR ME, SWEETHEART?!
Me: Certainly, sir. Give me just a moment and I’ll try to find him for you. *I put the guy on hold and take my time getting the first Brian I can find.* Have you helped a [caller] recently? I’ve got a guy wanting to talk to a Brian and he got really angry that I thought he said Ryan, couldn’t give me a last name, and gave me a really vague description.
Brian 1: Nope. Sorry. But if he gives you any more problems, I can take him.
Me: Nah, it’s okay. I’ll try [other Brian], and this guy can wait a little longer for being so rude. *I find the second Brian and tell him who was calling and what had happened.*
Brian 2: That guy again? He called earlier and [coworker] had the same thing happen to her. I’ll take care of him. Sorry you had to deal with that.

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