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(I work in a student bar on a university campus. We have a cocktail menu that I know off by heart, for cocktails we can make as pitchers, we have a yellow ‘P’ next to the name of the cocktail.)

Customer 1: Hi, yeah, I’ll have a Long Island Ice Tea pitcher.
Me: I’m afraid we don’t do those as pitchers, but if you see a ‘P’ next to a cocktail, we can make those as one.
Customer 1: Ok then…I’ll have a Mai Tai pitcher.
Me: Ummm, we still don’t do that as a pitcher. It needs a ‘P’ next to it on the menu.
Customer: Right, I’ll have a Margarita pitcher.
(I point at the menu and the little symbols for pitchers)
Me (speaking slowly): Any of the cocktails, with a P next to, we can make as a pitcher.
(Stares at me like I’m talking another language)
Me: The yellow ‘P’, you know, the letter…’P’
(Continues to stare at me, looks at the menu and then at me.)
Customer 1: So a Mojito pitcher?
(His friend at this point drags him to the side and explains the menu. Never have I had to explain the concept of the letter ‘P’ to a university student before)

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