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We were having our $8 candle sale, which is huge and insane. This couple comes up to my register with two full shopping bags of candles; the husband goes first, uses his $15 off of $40 coupon and is satisfied. As I am ringing up his wife, she hands me two coupons that cannot be used together because they are for different promotions, which I tell her. She looks at me for a second, obviously puzzled, and then says “No, it says on the back of this coupon that they can be used together” and shows me where it says so. I tell her “Yes, but that’s for a different coupon–the one your husband just used. That coupon and this one can be used together.” She was NOT having it and begins to raise her voice.

“Why doesn’t it SAY that, then? Why not just say that? That’s stupid AND false advertisement.”

“Well, I don’t make up the coupon policy. Corporate does.”

She then calls her husband back over and tells him what’s happening and that we won’t let her combine her coupons and that she needed his coupon that he just used. I was starting to get annoyed because the line was getting incredibly long, and one of my managers just happened to be standing next to me so I asked her if she could help me out (Mainly because I could feel myself getting very angry and I knew that it wouldn’t end well). After the manager confirms to the woman that no, she couldn’t combine the coupons she wanted too, she huffs and then says “Well, just RETURN EVERYTHING THEN.” She pulls the bag that her husband is holding onto the countertop and is shoveling everything out of it, demanding us to return everything so she could repurchase them all again and use the coupons she was throwing a fit about.

As we’re in the process of returning all these candles and continuing to hold up the line, the lady gets even more snippy with us, telling us how unfair it was that she couldn’t combine the coupons and how stupid it was, to which my manager said “You don’t have to combine them, y’know. You can use one now, save that one, and then you’ll get another one after this transaction.” The lady suddenly blew up at her, yelling and throwing her arms in the air:


My manager repeated herself.

“You should NOT have said that to me.” *turns to husband* “She shouldn’t have said that to me, oh my GOD and YOU are a manager?!”

“Yes ma’am, I am.”

“Well is there anyone HIGHER UP THAN YOU around? Because you shouldn’t have said that to me. What is your name?!”

“My name is _______”.

“I’ll remember that.”

After returning all her candles, all 12 of them, and having her repurchase them she finally left. It took about 20 minutes and all because of coupons. I told my other managers and coworkers this story later on in the day, and most of them laughed, and some were just downright upset. If I honestly ever see Crazy Coupon Lady in my store ever again, I’m clocking out early!