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, | Unfiltered | November 25, 2019

(I’m in line at the library. There’s only one woman ahead of me. I’m kind of in a rush.)

Woman in front of me: Hi! I’m looking for a book. A very specific book.
Librarian: (very friendly) All right, I’ll be happy to help. Do you know the title?
Woman: See, that’s why I need you, because I can’t remember the title or the authors name. But I do think the book was about an Italian girl… or woman. Or maybe she was french. Or Finnish. Something along those lines, anyway.
Librarian: (still friendly) Okay…
Woman: There might have been a crocodile in the story in some way. But I can’t remember on which page. Or if it’s the same book.
Librarian: (just a tad less friendly) Hm, well…
Woman: (interrupting) …and I can’t remember which language the book was written in, but it’s very important I get the Swedish translation. The original language might have been English. Or maybe Japanese. A crocodile was in the story, as I mentioned. I think. In Finland. Or Italy. The book is about divorces.
Librarian: (not very friendly) Well, I suppose we could go have a look in the non-fiction section…
Woman: No! It was a biography! But it was fiction. So maybe… a novel?

(They leave. I later find out from a friend who works at the library that they managed to find the book the woman was looking for. It was The No 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith.)