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(I’m working drive-thru and it happens to be one of the busiest nights of the week so I’m a bit overwhelmed and getting slightly irritated with the rudest of some of my customers. I have a lady come through and order her food. Shortly after I have a man come through wanting the same thing as the last before but it’s hard to understand him so he pulls up. I not my manager about the situation.)

Me: “I have a car in my drive and I don’t know what they want.”
Manager: “I think he wants the same two dinners as the car before. Just make sure you ask everyone what they have and it’ll be okay.”

(I do so and as the lady pulls up she explains it all to me.)

Lady: “My husband is behind me and he’s going to pay for the food.”
Me: (thinking she would pull up so he could pay.) Oh okay!

(She doesn’t pull up and I notice a few minutes later and I peek my head out the window.)

Me: “Ma’am if you could pull up so he could pay, I will bring the food right out to you.
Lady: (suddenly irritated and sounding as if she might cry) “Why? It’s not like we are trying to still food! This is ridiculous!”

(She pulls up although mad. I wait for her husband to pull forward but I notice him on the phone with her.”

Me: “Hi your total is [total.] Do you need any-
Man: (extremely mad) “Why didn’t you give her the food?! I was going to pay for it! We do this all the time! F*ck you. Keep your f*cking food!”

(Him and his wife drove off. They basically got mad because they knew they were trying to steal and I wasn’t having it. If y’all see this, try McDonald’s next time.)

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