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I was about done ringing up one of my current customers when suddenly a man comes up and gets two drinks from the fridge in front of the lane. He was very loud and he kept rambling about the most random things that it was impossible to to understand. I just tried my best to ignore him.

He said to me “I am on Bluetooth” but in both of his ears, he had no bluetooth ear piece in his ear.

My current customer was just finishing up her transaction. And he is just simply still rambling about things, not sure who he is directly talking to.

My Human Resources and my Mom who I worked with (Manages shifts, overrides, answer questions for people) is looking over highly confused and laughing as this guy is in my lane.

Then he says “I want Hilter for President. I don’t want damn Hillary Clinton.”

I stare at my current customer and she stares back at me and we are standing there giving a confused look. The transaction is finished up and I gave her the receipt and stormed out the store giving me a confused face. I start ringing up the customer and he keeps rambling about stuff again. He wouldn’t stop rambling. Then he started rapping too. And he said

“How old are you?”

He asked me repeated times and I didn’t understand then he said it louder and more clear:


People are looking over and I said:

“I am a minor.”

I wasn’t interested in tell him my age. He said:

“Cool Cool”

He kept asking more questions about me like what video games do I play or what sports do I play. I don’t play sports and I do play video games but he was getting so agitating that I just said I don’t really play videogames.

Then he starts talking about “You need to become more lively with the world.”

I said “Okay.”

I gave him the receipt and said “Have a good day” then my Mom and Human Resources person called me over and asked what just happened and I just said

“He wants Hitler for President and not Hillary Clinton.”

They bust out laughing and so are other employees around us.

Never had a customer this strange in my life. I am 100% certain he was on some types of drugs.