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A customer called in demanding an exception be made on standard refund processes because he was unaware of the rules. He refused all attempts to solve his problem, and insisted on the attempt at an exceptional refund request. He has been rude and belligerent throughout the call.

Me: Ok, i’ve requested that refund for you, it will now be reviewed by the Finance team. They have the final say on granting or refusing your refund, but i’ve phrased the request to ensure you have the best chance of success.
Caller: Thats not good enough !! I demand a refund on this ! You’re just a bunch of ****s and thieves !
Me: Sir, please do not swear at me. If you continue in this manner I am required to hang up on you.
Caller: Don’t you ****ing dare hang up on me you **** ! I demand a refund !!
Me: I’m sorry sir, but you have been aggressive and rude throughout this call and, despite being cautioned about this more than once you have continued to abuse me. None of our staff are expected to be spoken to in this fashion. I am now forced to terminate this call. Your refund request will still be processed in the normal fashion. Goodbye.

The gentleman called again, was abusive to the next agent as well. His behaviour ended up getting his request refused at a supervisory level, it never even reached the Finance team.
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